By:Keeton Fitz

Are Vaccinations Optional?

I believe parents shouldn't be able to opt out of vaccines, because they could be putting others at risk. Such as people who can't get the vaccines because they are allergic or to young. So they can get the disease or virus putting them in danger.

Why you should get a vaccine

  • "Some vaccines have proven nearly 99% immunity after two doses"
  • "Outbreaks happen in communities with low vaccination rates"
  • "I am glad I have never treated it in my years as physician. That may change soon if vaccination rates drop."
  • "Why is a preventable respiratory infection making a come back? In no small thanks to low vaccination rates."
  • "Keeping children healthy requires the cooperation of the large community"
  • "In 1991 and 2014 the percentage of children whose parents had chosen to opt out of vaccines increased by 6% a year, resulting in a more than two fold increase"
  • "the inevitable outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases mostly among children who have not been vaccinated"

Why you shouldn't get a vaccine

  • "the new media were obsessed with the notion that vaccines might be doing more harm than good."
  • "it may not be good for the public health, he admitted to parents at a conference, But... for your individual child, I think it is a safe enough choice"
  • "A handful of the confirmed Disney land cases were children who had received the vaccine but it wore off."


Vaccines have been proven to work, but some parents believe it can be harmful to there child. After a British surgeon said vaccine link to autism, but the study was wrong. If you get a vaccine some of them have a 90% chance of working and only a 10% chance of not working.