The Five Points Gang


In the early 19th century the Sixth Ward of Manhattan became first known as the area of Irish-Immigrant gangs. Paul Kelly, a Italian-America Founded the Five Points gang in the 1890s which became a really known street gang in New York. The Area of Manhattan were made up of four streets that made up "Five Points" , which is now where China Town and Broadway is located.

Over the years, Kelly recruited youths who later became prominent criminals. The gang had a reputation for brutality and had many battles with many other rival gangs. They would recruit others to join their organization to gain more power. Their members mostly turned out to be some of the most powerful criminals at that time and had their own organization in different parts of the US.

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Paul Kelly

Paolo Antonio Vaccarelli who later adopted the name "Paul Kelly" was the founder of the Five Points Gang in New York City. He started off as a boxer and won a lot of prize money in boxing. His wealth lead to him creating his organization which became one of the last dominant street gangs in New York City. He recruited many young men who later became some of the most powerful criminals. Kelly died around age 59-60 on 1936 in New York City due to natural causes.

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Initiation Proccess

  • Kelly first gathered all remaining members of the "Dead Rabbits" and united them to make the "Five Points Gang".
  • They would recruit members of other organisations to join theirs.
  • Most were immigrats.
  • They had to know how to fight for battles against other gangs.
  • Had to be engaged in walfare.
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Crime Contact With Law

They were never said if they had any contact with the law.
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In 1936 Kelly died due to natural causes at age 60. The Organization never really got a punishment. Intead the Organization collapsed after Kellys death. Most members made their own organization.
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