Team S.h.i.n.e.

September Newsletter

The Wait is Over!

After a year and a half, the waitlist has finally come to an end! Now, future designers can join your team immediately! How awesome is that? This past week we added 141 new designers to our team. I can't wait to see how your teams grow now that the wait is over!

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September Shining Stars!

August TOP Personal Volume!

  1. Mary Howard $7,474
  2. Shannon Rosiere $3,110
  3. Maria Duenas $2,875
  4. Bonnie Fitch $2,292
  5. Anna Scheer $2,237
  6. Connie Richmond $2,230
  7. Debbie McKinney $2,160
  8. Jessica Mitschele $2,104
  9. Susan Keith $2,097
  10. Corinna McGregor $1,971

August Top Front-Line Teams!

1. Owl-a-holics- $174,882

Ashlie Fiallos


Start Date: 3/14/12

2. Cheers To Charms- $16,089

Nicole Hartman

Senior Team Leader

Start Date: 9/12/12

3. Life's A HOOT- $15,597

Rose Milan

Senior Team Leader

Start Date: 9/26/12

Team FAITH- $11,663

Sarah Anderson

Senior Team Leader

Start Date: 10/5/12

CHARMing Chicas- $8,928

Erica Conway

Team Leader

Start Date: 9/18/12

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The Band Perry Tag Promotion

"We’ve teamed up with The Band Perry because we want you to be a pioneer! When you joined the Origami Owl® family, you made a bold choice to start your journey as a Designer. But, you’re not done yet! It’s time to go further, to push yourself to reach that next level. It’s up to you to navigate the journey, but Origami Owl and The Band Perry believe that with the right Pioneer attitude, you can go anywhere."

Check out the resources section of you Back Office for more details!

Take Flight to Cabo!

Here’s the plan for September …

"At a minimum, book eight Jewelry Bars® for the month. We say minimum because remember, life happens. Jewelry Bars get cancelled, postponed, etc. so why take a chance?

You may also need to make up for time lost in July and August. Were you able to book at least eight Jewelry Bars last month or four in July? If not, you’ll want to recover some of those lost dates.

Jewelry Bars are the key to Cabo and you’ll need to have held at least 40 of them booked between July and the end of November to qualify for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

To help keep track of your Jewelry Bars and make sure you reach your goals, click on July Convention Handouts in the Resources section of your Back Office and download the Take Flight to Paradise flyer."

Make sure to visit:

Shine Team Meeting-NJ

Tuesday, Oct. 1st 2013 at 7pm

3567 US rt 1

West Windsor Township, NJ

Make sure to reserve your seat today!

Password: shine

Business Cards Ordering

Make sure to order your business cards here!

40,000 Designers!!!

40000 Designers
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