Be a Game Changer in your Community

Do you Want to Make a Difference?

Be a teacher today. Professionalism Required, Results Expected. Must be positive, have a mastery of written and spoken language. Must be willing to give and receive help. Is sensitive to the evolving community and cultural norms. Appreciates and values human diversity. Is responsible, ethical and above reproach. Consistently exceeds minimal requirements in course and field placements.

How to Become a Teacher

Expectations and Rewards are High

You might never leave your home in non work attire for fear of being seen.

Back to school sales in the summer make you sweat uncontrollably.

Once you master speaking to a class of teenagers and come out alive you can do anything!

You know you're a teacher when you reach for your RED pen when reading Facebook posts

The two most dreaded words heard during the day - Indoor Recess

What Teachers do Today is what makes Children do Tomorrow

If you're ready for a challenge that serves your calling we are here for you. Your professionalism is a must, your ethics and morals are required and your love and passion for teaching is critical.

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