Desert Storm

The Gulf War and POW stories

Shoshana johnson

Shoshana Johnson became the first american woman POW since a 1994 military rule change was passed, allowing women to face enemy fire and capture. Shoshana was captured by the Iraqis, and was in Iraq custody for 8 days. She only weighed 110 pounds and she had both of her arms broken. With a bullet in her back, it was impossible for her to fight. Sgt. Dunlap was also a prisoner with Shoshana. They weren't tortured during their imprisonment, but she was raped when she was first captured.

Operation Desert Storm

Desert Storm is the American military codeword used to refer to the First Gulf War, an American-led military conflict which lasted between 2 August 1990 and 28 February 1991.The direct cause of Desert Storm was the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

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