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Credible summary & Is it a credible source?

UIL says it will not suspend San Antonio's Jay High School from playing. A meeting held in Round Rock followed on incident last week at a football game. High School players were captured on video as one knocked down a referee and the other followed by striking the referee with his helmet.The referee spilled out racial slurs so the players decided to attack the referee during a game. TASO reported that Watts was a fill-in referee and not a regular member. They will have a UIL meeting September 23rd to update Jay John High School what they will face.

It is credible cause it was by an organization ,and not made by one person.

non credible summary & is it credible?

UIL summarizing what happened sept 4 game and at the previous sept 9 UIL hearing. Marble Falls authories are still woods acknowledged that Mack Breed the Jay assisatant coach is no longer employed by Northside ISD.

Its not credible cause its not supported by money or the government.