NBFAP Weekly Newsletter

March 21, 2016

What's Happening This Week...

Wednesday March 23:

  • Bible Study 7pm
  • Youth choir rehearsal 7pm

Thursday March 24:

  • Daniel's Fast 6am Thursday to 6am Friday

Saturday March 26:

  • Dance Rehearsal 9am-12pm
  • Evangelism Outreach 11am

Sunday March 27:

  • Resurrection Sunday
  • Hospitality Meeting 8am: this meeting is for all greeters and ushers
  • No TOK or Discipleship classes; all leaders please arrive at 10am
  • We will forgo casual Sunday on this day

Serving is a Ministry: having a servant heart

Who says serving isn't a ministry? I have heard people say things like, “it don't take all that to be apart of a church,” “we don't have to do this to be in ministry,” and “people shouldn't have to serve or work in ministry. " Then they will say, “all I have to do IS GO TO CHURCH AND GO HOME." However when you become a part of the body of Christ, you take on the characteristics of Christ who was the ultimate servant, and in some translations, a slave. Being a servant was Jesus’ ministry; Jesus served day and night interceding on our behalf, and He still does today! He fed the hungry, healed the sick, and He did it all without complaining. Jesus also trained his disciples and washed their feet. He did all of this to give God glory. This is a perfect example of how we as a people of God should serve with a servant heart.

Jesus was sent to serve God's people to carry out the will of God not His own will. When you serve with a servant heart it will not matter if someone thanks you or if they call your name to acknowledge you, because what you did was for God's glory. A servant /slave works to please their master, their Lord, and their savior; so if no one appreciates you God’s extended grace and mercy should be enough for his servants. If we desire to be like Jesus Christ our attitude will be like His when He came with an attitude of a serving and not to be served. We are created to serve; rather if it's in your family, neighborhood, or in a prison ministry. Serving is a ministry because you are expressing the love of God to a group of people or a person. With all you do, do unto the Lord with a servant heart, not out of obligation to a woman or man, do it all for Him for He did it all for you.

Sis. Jessica Cole

In Case You Missed it...

This weekend we celebrated our 9th Annual Appreciation/Church Anniversary. We honored the visionaries of the house through song, word, and love. Apostle and Pastor Daniels we appreciate your many years of faithful service to the Lord. We pray that something was said or done that made you feel even more appreciated. From New Beginnings for All People we love you dearly!

(to hear this weekend's messages please click the livestream link)

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Donation for Min Cooper: UPDATE

Please remember that Sis Cole is accepting donations for Min Cooper. She is also accepting donations of cakes and pies for April 2, 2016. If you would like to donate one please see Sis Cole.


NBFAP Admin Team

Remember The Deployed

If you would like to keep in touch with the members of the body who are currently deployed or if you would like to send a care package, the addresses as well as the email addresses are listed below. Please keep all of the deployed military members in prayer.

Erica Raby

CW2 Raby, Erica

46th Transportation CO.

Unit # 15382


APO, AP 96257


Brent Raby

SSG Raby, Brent

602nd Support

Maintenance Company

APO, AE 09330


Casey Guidry

SPC Guidry

602nd SMC

APO AE 09330


Latoya Ruiz

Unit 15855

APO AP 96224


Deacon Prince


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