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The full daily dose of Thrive is 1-2 capsules, 1 packet powder mix, 1 DFT patch.

***So that I have enough powder mix, I use about half the powder mix each day.

***Some will go 3 days on, 4 off with the mix too.

You MUST take it as follows to achieve the best results:
1). Take your capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
2). 20-40 minutes later, still on an empty stomach, take your powder mix.
3). Then apply your DFT patch.
You're now done for the day!!

Because the initial Thrive jolt may be intense for some, I suggest easing into it as follows, if you feel that's necessary. Please be aware that you may not achieve the full benefits this way, though:
Day 1 - 1 W/M capsule, 1/2 powder mix
Day 2 - 1 W/M capsule, 1/2 powder mix, 1 DFT patch
Day 3 - 1 or 2 M/W capsules, 1 DFT patch.

The men's and women's capsules have roughly the same ingredients just in different concentrations, so it's perfectly fine for men to take the W and women to take the M. In fact, some women don't feel enough of an effect with W and do better switching to M.

Because the powder mix is not a meal replacement, you can mix it with water, milk, juice, fruit, peanut butter, etc. The results won't be effected. You may use a blender or a shaker bottle but just be sure to mix well so all the formula will be ingested.

Put the patch on a clean, dry, lean area on your upper body and leave it on for 24 hours. You can shower with it and you can sleep with it on. Upper body is the best placement but it can be worn anywhere - forearm, leg, hip, torso. If irritation occurs, it's most likely from the adhesive and not from the ingredients. Switch locations each day.

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