beauty and the beast (niall)

“You don’t have to be so mean” you stomp your foot, frustrated and angry at the man in front of you. “You must do as I say, I told you… the east wing is strictly forbidden. Do as you’re told” he demands roughly, holding his ground against you in his castle and you huff. “Don’t treat me as a child” you snap back, watching as his hideously scared face turns upwards as he chuckles darkly. “Don’t act as a child and you won’t be treated as one” he tells you, turning on his heal before stalking away. You huff, turning into your room and slam the door before collapsing against the bed in despair. “There, there dearie… the master is just trying to keep hold of some control in his castle” the wardrobe soothes and you chuckle through your tears, turning on your back to look at the canopy over your bed. “He’s just being an ass” you correct and the wardrobe chuckles. “Well, that too. Perhaps, a change of clothes will make you feel more at home?” it questions, drawers opening to reveal a few dresses and you sigh. “This will never be home” you tell it, pulling the green dress from its depth anyway and go to the bathroom to change. “I realize, I might have been too harsh earlier” the man, who’s acted like the beast that’s rumored to live in the dark castle, says later that night while leading you down a hallway. “Might have?” you question, crossing your arms over your chest and he takes a deep breath to stop from snapping. “Yes, might have. This is my castle and I expect you to do as you’re told” he snapped and you throw your hands up. “If you intend to keep me here as a prisoner then I intend to explore this dungeon” you say and his jaw tenses. “Fine then, you can stay in the dungeon if that’s what you’d prefer” he says darkly, seizing your arm in his strong grip to drag you back towards the dungeon but you hold your ground. “Fine, I won’t go to the east wing” you concede, pulling your arm from his grasp and he smiles around his scares. “This is what I wanted to show you” he tells you, standing in front of a pair of double doors and you raise your eyebrows at him. “Just, close your eyes” he asks, looking to make sure you’ve done as he’d requested before opening the doors and leading you into the room. “Oh Niall… this, this is… more than beautiful” you stammer out in surprise and delight, glancing around at the thousands of books that surround you and he smiles. “Then it’s yours” he tells you, gesturing to the shelves cased with books he knows you’ll enjoy. “Thank you"
you whisper, dashing off to find a book to lose yourself in and Niall turns to leave. “Don’t you want to stay?” you question, holding up a book and he shrugs. “This is your part of the castle now, I won’t intrude” he says with a pointed glare and you roll your eyes but a smile teases your lips. “Stay, I’ll read to you” you tell him, sitting down in one of the large chairs and Niall makes his way towards you. You touch one of his scars that night, for the first time, with soft fingertips and he’s more than surprised when you don’t retract your hand in disgust at the hideous marks that mar his face but instead, smile softly at him.