Differential Aptitute Testing

Choose the correct career and enjoy effortless success!!

Take the Differential Aptitute Test

Differential Aptitude Test is the standardized International level aptitude test. DAT is taken by the students to understand what are their brighter areas of interests and expertise and what are their weaker areas. Based on this correct line of career can be easily chosen.

Get surprised by your own abilities.

Differential Aptitude Testing brings forth the hidden talents from the students and career starters as well as any individual willing to know himself better. We at New Life Counseling Center helps the clients find out their strengths and motivations and weaknesses and guide them towards better choices made in their lives. Choices made early in the life change the course of the whole life altogether towards better or worse. Choosing correct line of career becomes extremely important to enjoy the work and at the same time become financially sound and enjoy the life of your dreams.

Choosing the right career is a bliss

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