Jayden & Josh

England Flag

This is the England flag.
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State of England

This is our map of England. One of the border states are Scotland and Ireland.
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This is one of the special customs of the country, is tea because they drink it daily.
This is a picture of some girls drinking tea.
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This is one of their special monuments. Its called Big Ben.
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These are some costumes worn by school children and the guards in England.

Traditional food

This is the Yorkshire Pudding.
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  • The first one is called All Souls Day and that is when they celebrate all the people who have died after something happens like in a war or something.
  • The second one is boxing day and it is when you give more gifts after Christmas.
  • Finally there is a holiday called Guy-Fawkes Day and that is when people give small boxed gifts to all the servants and tradesman.