Building Global Citizens: BYOD

Louisville Municipal School District


Add the tweet chat hashtag #mecabyod to your tweets so participants can find your messages in the conversation.

#mecabyod Twitter Chat Questions

Q1 Is your school considering a BYOD or 1:1 initiative?

( or Does your school have a BYOD or cellphone policy?)

Q2 WHY BYOD?? What is the Purpose of BYOD?

Q3 What do Teachers and Students use devices for …? What could we use them for...?

Q4 What are the key steps in developing a BYOD initiative ?

Q5 What obstacles prevent efficient use of technology in the classroom?

Q6 What role do policies, procedures and management play in the successful implementation of BYOD?

Q7 What does BYOD look like in the Classroom?

Q8 How do we get students to “socially disconnect” from devices when we need them to “educationally engage” with devices in our classrooms?

Q9 How many of you have used your device for personal/social reasons during this session? Did that use affect your engagement?

Q10 What are your takeaways?