Family Update 5

November 10, 2017

Hello November!

Welcome November! We have now reached our third month into first grade! Our 1B friends continue to amaze us with their text to self connections, their detailed small moment stories, and the variety of strategies they use during number stories. Come on and check out what we have been doing these past couple of weeks!

Here's What We Have Been Up To.....


We have continued to practice making connections in our texts with Ms.Garcia's Sister, The Fortune Teller! 1B friends made text-to-self connections such as how they also had a sleepover and how they also argued with a younger relative. Soon, we will be making text-to-text connections between all the books that we have read in our read alouds. In Writer’s Workshop, we have been working on writing the ending to our small moment story while adding actions and descriptive language to it to ensure that our readers feel as if they were there with us from the beginning, middle, to the end. Friends were encouraged to include who they were with, where did they go, and what happened in their story by adding action and a more thorough setting. As the writing of our small moment ends, we will be diving into the editing world! When editing and proofreading, we utilize the COPS strategy, where we focused on capitalization, organization, punctuations, and spelling. Next week, we will tackle editing our words by using the word wall to make sure that sight words on the word wall match the ones in our writing. We also went through our writing to make sure that a period, exclamation mark, or question mark goes at the end of every thought we have. We will be continuing to edit our writing and are looking forward to publishing our writing pieces!


In Math, we continue exploring geometry, including both 2D and 3D shapes. We have compared and contrasted 2D and 3D shapes by going on a scavenger hunt! Students will study the various 3D shapes (spheres, cubes, cones, rectangular prisms, triangular prism, cylinders, square pyramid) and their attributes: faces, edges and vertices. We also partitioned or divided shapes into other shapes. For example, students realized that you can make a square from two triangles or a hexagon from 2 trapezoids. You can practice shapes with your child by looking for them in your home or neighborhood! As one of our 1B friends said, "They're everywhere!"



  • Friday, November 17 | Curriculum Share @ 9 - 10:15AM (more info below)
  • Monday, November 21 & 22 | Thanksgiving Break Camp
  • Monday, November 20 - 24 | Thanksgiving Break | NO SCHOOL
  • Friday, December 01 | Picture Make-Up Day
  • Friday, December 08 | NO SCHOOL

Curriculum Share Breakfast Potluck

Please read over the newsletter that was sent out last week. If you have not yet signed up and would love to bring a dish to our Breakfast Potluck please sign up here bringing to breakfast potluck.

This term, our 1B friends have explored the differences and similarities of families across cultures. We thought it would be a great idea to incorporate what they have learned into our Curriculum Share by having a Breakfast Family Potluck. In addition to showing you what they have been working on, we would love to end our Curriculum Share with a Breakfast Family Potluck!

We have been talking about special foods our friends eat with their families on special occasions or on a daily basis. All families, please feel free to bring in food to share (please be mindful that food needs to be nut free, and if it is not, should be EXPLICITLY labeled so) on this day.

Our Curriculum Share is scheduled for Friday, November 17 at 9am-10:15am. Due to the impending holiday, why not have everyone in and make a whole party out of it?!?!!? We hope that you can all join us for a fun 1Bfamily feast. We can’t wait to see you all here!

Book Baggies

We have been sending book baggies home with books on your child's independent reading level. Read these books to you at least 4-5 times and please be sure to return them to us so that your child can receive a new book. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and ask for your support in returning books on time. This way students across the grade can switch between books and share their reading log experiences.

Book Baggies Schedule

  • Friday​: Books go home.
  • Saturday​ ​-​ ​Tuesday​: Child reads books at least 4-5 times.
  • Wednesday​: Books are returned.
  • Friday​: New books go home.

Halloween Fun!

1B Friends In Action

Hola Familias de 1B

I am happy to share that 1B is doing a wonderful job in Spanish. We have been talking about our familias and learning new vocabulary words such as: mamá, papá, hermano/a, abuelo/a, primo/a, tío/a, among others. During class they created and presented their own family trees. While exploring this topic we talked about how some families celebrated different traditions and talked about the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated by Mexican families in order to honor their dead loved ones. They created sugar skulls masks and exhibit them at an altar placed on the 8th floor. Moreover, we talked about the families in Puerto Rico and how they where affected by hurricane María. In order to help the people from Puerto Rico, BPCS created an initiative called Borinquén Backpack Project. With this project the school is aiming to send a backpack full of books and other supplies to Puerto Rican children. To send inside of the backpacks, 1B wrote letters wishing Puerto Rican families a soon recovery.

It is lovely to see how thoughtful and compassionate 1B are growing up to be. We look forward to keep getting immerse in the Spanish language and learning more about the world through it lenses.


Maestra Nivia