The Weekly Knot

Vol.4 Issue 15

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Teacher Week Schedule

B Week-Media Schedule

Monday,December 4th

Chorus- 8A-8:45A - Catalina II

Tuesday, December 5th

Chorus- 8A-8:45A - Serenade II

Wednesday, December 6th

Chorus- 8A-9A - Catalina I & Serenade I

10-11A- 3rd Grade Orchestra Practice in the Gym

2:15-2:45P, Faculty Meeting

Thursday, December 7th

Chorus- 8A-8:30A - Drumming Group

10-11A- 4/5 Band Practice in the Gym

12:45-1:45P- 4/5 Orchestra Practice in the Gym

2:15 P- SchoolMax Training (Optional)

Friday, December 8th

Chorus- 8A-8:30A - Flashlight Group