Section 2.11 – Quorum

Thank you @Jerry Roberts. On:May 05/01/16 9:59 PM

The original Articles of Incorporation, dtd April 1973 set a quorum as 5% of the total lots (set at 3,372) or a minimum of 169 lots. I’ve cut-n-pasted that portion below.
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Then in April 1973 there were amendments made to the original Articles (1973 version) one of which changed the quorum requirement to 10% of the membership or a minimum of 125 members who are current in their dues and assessments. I’ve also cut-n-pasted that portion below
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A by-law cannot supersede WV Code and/or the Articles of Incorporation. Therefore, if we find a by-law which does it becomes null and void and must be amended to fit the WV Code and/or Articles of Incorporation. Changes of this type do not require a vote of the membership for approval for that very matter and can merely be changed to fit. Such was the case with the notice of the amendment to Section 2.11 – Quorum.

Additionally, just in case you were wondering, that minimum of 125 can be either actual eligible members in attendance or a combination of members in attendance combined with the number of eligible proxies.

Clear as mud now?

Last, but not least, in case you want to look at these they can all be found on the home page ( under the Documents and Forms link.