The Alamo

By: Allan Chavarria

What Was The Alamo

The Alamo was a battle between Mexicans and Texans . Santa Anna was the leader of the Mexicans during the time of the war. Texans were asleep when they heard, ''Viva [ Long Live ] Santa Anna!!.''Thats when they woke up and the war started instantly. Santa Anna ordered 4,000 Men to attack. There was less then 200 Men defending the Alamo. Texans lost the battle under 20 minutes. There were American legends in the Alamo but a few lost there lives in the battle. The most famous is Davy Crockett who historians don't know if he died in the battle or escaped. But we do know is that his gun,''Ol'Betsy'', was found but not Crockett. Whenever word spread about the Alamo, more people wanted to join the war since they were mad that we lost against a huge army of Mexicans. Then later on we beat them in the battle of San Jacinto. So now we are free from Mexico. The war was so that Mexico couldn't be part of Texas but Mexico protested so we went to war but we WON!!
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