Chinese Schools of Thoughts

By Austin Casper


The goal of Confucianism was to reform society by showing princes and dukes how to govern wisely.  The ruler directed the government but was responsible for the welfare of the people. If the rulers lived virtuously, then the people would follow their example. Confucius also encouraged individuals to participate in society.


They believed greed was the motive and causes of conflict, strict laws, and harsh punishment.They also forced people to work on public projects and punished them if they did not complete their duties.

Taoism (Daoism)

They thought that for individuals to attain happiness they should have practiced alcherny and magic, live a simple, easy life, and live in harmony with nature.


In AD 100 under the Emperor Asoka of India, missionaries diffused Buddhism into China.  Buddhist stupa and temples became important cultural centers and the pagoda architecture also diffused to China.