US Army Uniforms Through The Years

How Uniforms Change

The Uniforms

The US Army have changed their uniforms depending on the war location and the newest technology. Th war uniforms change in able to fit the environment and the threat.

Body Armour

The body armour a solider wears wasn't invited until 1860,so not all wars had the protection of body armour. The first body armour that was used was a shrapnel vest for explosives.

New Technology

The US Army are always working on new armuor and uniforms, the suit in the picture is being developed by McDill Air Force bases in Tampa Florida.The suit is equipped with an exo- skeleton to carry weight, it can heat or cool the solider.The suit has a water jell that is light but hardens when it is hit with bullets, hope to have it ready for action by the end of 2017.
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Current Army Uniform

This is the uniform that is in use currently and will continue to be used until sometime in 2025.
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