Tiger Times

August 20, 2021

Message from Principal Jayne Hudson

The first day of school is just around the corner. We have been eagerly getting the school ready for the students to arrive. The staff an I are enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of our returning students and look forward to meeting all of our new students.

We are excited to share some new initiatives with you. The Speech and Language Therapists and school staff are teaming up to provide additional opportunities for students to use functional communication throughout the school day. Additionally, AACPS has purchased a PAES Lab https://www.talentassessment.com/paes.html for our students to learn vocational job skills. Together with volunteers from The Church at Severn Run, we have created a home living classroom where students will have opportunities to practice daily living skills such as, washing laundry, folding and putting away clothes, making the bed, washing dishes and cooking. Marley Glen is taking a balanced approach to academics, functional living skills, and self-care.

All instruction will be in person this year. Please make sure you have completed the Safety Coaching Plan (see below) if your child cannot tolerate mask wearing for the duration of the school day. Student masks are mandatory, without this accommodation your child will be sent home if he/she cannot keep their mask on.

Your child's teacher will contact you next week to review the schedule and share any important classroom information.

Marley Glen’s first annual Sneak-a-Peek (New Student Orientation) will take place on September 2nd from 2:30 - 5:00 pm for students new to the school. Families will have the opportunity to meet the staff, tour the building, and visit the classroom.

The first day of school for all K-21 students is Wednesday, September 8th.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Thursday, September 2 - Sneak-a-Peak for new students/families
  • Monday, September 6 - Labor Day; All Schools Closed
  • Tuesday, September 7 - Rosh Hashanah; All Schools Closed
  • Wednesday, September 8 - First Day for students K-21
  • September 8, 9, 10 - ECI & PreK Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Monday, September 13 - First Day for ECI; Staggered opening for PreK
  • Tuesday, September 14 - Staggered opening for PreK
  • Wednesday, September 15 - First day for ALL PreK
  • Thursday, September 16 - Yom Kippur; All Schools Closed


Thursday, Sep. 2nd, 2:30-5pm

200 Scott Avenue

Glen Burnie, MD

2:30 - 3:00 - Meet the Principal

3:00 - 5:00 - Tour of school & visit classrooms.

Masks are required for all adults and students without accommodations.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

More News

  • ALL IEP conferences will be help virtually this school year
  • Conferences for ECI & PreK may be held in person or virtually.

Mask Accommodations

All students are required to wear a mask on the school bus and at school unless they have an approved Mask Accommodation/Safety Plan.

Mask Accommodations/Safety Plans approved last year will remain in effect for this school year.

If you feel your child meets the criteria to receive an accommodation of not wearing a traditional mask or potentially any mask while riding a school bus, in an AACPS school or at an AACPS sponsored event, we encourage you to complete the online request form, available at https://secure.aacps.org/webapps/SEFP/en-US/OSS/Mask.

Please note this will not initially result in an exemption from the requirement to wear a mask, rather the application will offer you the opportunity to provide us with information related to your student and his/her ability to wear a mask. You will be provided links to resources: (a) providing you with additional strategies and resources to teach and/or encourage mask-wearing and tolerating others wearing masks; and (b) providing you with an optional alternate face coverings that your child might be able to wear and tolerate throughout the day. Your form will be reviewed by the AACPS Safety Coaching Committee and a decision will be communicated to you and to the school, including next steps.

We recognize this is a challenging situation for everyone involved. We appreciate your patience and support as we strive to ensure the safety ALL of our students and staff during these uncertain times.

School Safety Precautions

  • Students seated 3 ft apart
  • Staff will be masked
  • Hand sanitizer & hand washing
  • Hand sanitizer stations around the building
  • Classrooms cleaned thoroughly every night
  • Toys & manipulatives cleaned daily

Parent Transportation

Drop Off:

  • Parents transporting students will drive into the parking lot forming a line behind parked cars on the left.
  • At arrival time a staff member will approach the car. Please tell them your child’s name and teacher.
  • Classroom staff will come out to escort your child into the school.
  • At this time remove your child from the car seat/unbuckle seatbelt.
  • Staff members will not assist students in exiting the vehicle.

Pick Up:

  • Parents picking up students will drive into the parking lot forming a line behind parked cars on the left.
  • At dismissal time a staff member will come to the car and ask for your child’s name and teacher.
  • Students will be escorted to their car by a classroom staff member.
  • Parents are to remain in the vehicle until their student arrives.
  • Parents will then exit vehicle and secure the student inside.
  • Staff members will not assist students into the car.


  • Please do not attempt to go around cars in line. This is extremely dangerous.

  • Limit conversation with school staff as we need to keep the line moving.
  • If your child requires extended time to get in and out of the vehicle, please park in a handicapped accessible parking spot.
  • Parents are not permitted to come up to the building during arrival and dismissal as we are doing our best to socially distance.

Welcome to Our New Staff

Moving on to New Adventures

  • Debbie Krueger - has accepted a Speech Language Therapist position closer to home in Queen Anne's County.
  • Courtnay Jones - has accepted a position as a 12 month IEP Clerk with Infants & Toddlers.
  • Kevin Moyer - is pursuing opportunities outside of education.


  • Sallie Luck - IEP Facilitator
  • Robin Via - ECI Teacher

School Beautification

AACPS buildings & offices will be open for business during school hours, though public interactions will be by appointment only. Please call 410-222-6940.