Room 603 Update

First week done!

Our first week is over and it was great! Thank you to every student and parent who has helped make it a success.

Last Week Review

Getting to know you

Being the first week, we did a lot of activities to get to know each other. Some of them may have involved popping balloons and anonymous notes about ourselves.


We talked a lot about working together and the benefits of effective collaboration. We did many team building activities, and ended the week doing a STEM activity where teams worked together to build a "Spaghetti tower". The teams did a great job and showed very effective communication skills!


We introduced the writing process this week using playdoh! Students were able to go through the whole process from brainstorming to publishing to learn the steps needed for a great piece of writing. This year we will be focusing on writing thorough informational/expository, opinion, and narrative paragraphs.



This week the ONLY homework is for each student to organize his/her 3rd grade binder. Instructions were sent home on Monday and they are up on the homework page as well. They are due on Friday, September 11.

*Again - there is no need to get any new supplies for this. Students can get all the supplies they need in class. Thank you!

Back to School Night recap

Thank you to every parent who was able to make it out to Back to School night! We went through a lot of information and there are probably some things I didn't have a chance to go through in depth or skipped over. All resources for the night are on our website here.

Please take a moment to go over them and turn in any forms needed. Thanks!

This Week At a Glance:

What we're studying:

  • Language Arts - Close Reading and Plural Nouns
  • Math - Starting Unit 1: Place Value and Graphing
  • Writing - Complete paragraphs and Opinion writing
  • Science - Energy and Matter
  • Other - The 7 Habits: Being Proactive

What We're Doing:

  • PE Thursday, no Wednesday PE
  • Library and Science lab start this week
  • Flag Salute Friday

Thank you!

- Miss Roy