Balance Of People and Goverment

-Josh Barlow


Government and people need to work together on creating new rules and laws that will calm the issues to the people and government.

In “Harrison Bergeron” and “the Lottery”, Stories show how anyone having too much power results in corruption

when Harrison was taking a stand against the corrupt government he ended up dying to the “dictator”. In the lottery people protested to stop the lottery it would not change even though part of the tradition was to have one of their fellow members murdered in cold blood.

Diana Moon Glampers

She had the most power with most of the government standing right behind her which creates a feeling of power which causes corruption. She created handy caps and punish people who don't wear them and can even kill them in cold blood with no sense of regret or punishment for herself.
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Mr. Summers Is the main event planner although not a major he dose have a lot of power he tests his ideas for events and sees what the people like but he can also change the events and still keep the same traditions. he also gets a feeling of invincibility that protects him from any negativity. He also abused the system and got away scott free.
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