What's in our Constitution?

Courtney Pfister

How can I remember the articles of the Constitution?

The articles can be easily remembered this phrase:

Large Eagles Joyfully Soar Across Several Regions.

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Article I: The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch, which is represented by "Large," is responsible for making laws. This branch's responsibilities and duties are outlined in Article I of the Constitution. In addition, the Legislative Branch consists of Congress. This article is the longest in the Constitution because it was considered to be extremely important.

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Article II: The Executive Branch

The executive branch, represented by "eagles," is responsible for enforcing the laws. This branch consists of the president and his team of advisers, including the vice president and secretary of state. This article outlines the qualifications for a president, the electoral college, what powers the president/the office has, and how the president is selected.
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Article III: The Judicial Branch

Article III establishes the judicial branch, and it is represented by the word "Joyfully," in our memory tool. The judicial branch interprets the laws of our nation. The Supreme Court is formed in this article. The articles also outlines how the judges for the Supreme Court are picked, how they stop being judges, and what crimes the Supreme Court can hear.
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Article IV: States' Rights

This article, represented as "Soar," outlines the rights and rules of state interaction. The article also details how states must obey other states' laws and how state governments must work. All state governments have to be a democracy. In addition, the article describes how new states are admitted to the Union.

Article V: Constitutional Amendments

Article V outlines how the constitution can be changed or amended, and the amendment process. It is represented by the word "Across," in the acronym.

Article VI: Supremacy Clause

Article VI of the Constitution, represented by "Several" outlines the Supremacy Clause. This clause declares that federal law overrides state law.
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Article VII: Ratification Process

This article outlines the process of ratification. It is represented by 'regions," It describes the steps taken to make the Constitution the law of the land.