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Happy February

So here we are a week into February with Valentines day in just 5 days. Have you spoken/texted/emailed or facebooked the husbands or partners of your girlfriends suggesting a gorgeous exclusive keepsake for their darlings from S&D. I received my John Lewis cc bill yesterday and although I adore shopping with them the bunch of a doz red roses advertised was 65.00!!! you could buy the beautiful You are my Sunshine chain for less than that and have it forever. So now is the time, get out there and share and delivery is still good for orders received by midday on the 11th.

So that's one way to share the love, another is to take the 100 hearts challenge. Essentially you share the love and joy of Stella & Dot with 100 people before the end of the month. This could be the love of hosting a show and getting a date in your diary, it could be the joy of sharing the business opportunity with people and showing just what this company and your new job means to you. I know from personal experience in speaking to my new Stylists this week just how excited and motivated they are about their new S&D business and you know what that's worth sharing.

In fact you have already been sharing the opportunity and I am delighted to call out Jo Angel, Claire Armstrong, Fiona McKenna and me for introducing some fab new gals to our crazy daisy team. Well done you gals and hello and welcome to our fabulous new team Linzi, Gillian, Julie and Vicky.

And I am delighted to say that we had three Dazzlers promote to lead stylist in January , Anna, Lisa and Maz and the one and only promotion to Senior Stylist was our very own JANE JORDON, yeah Jane well on your way to Star x

Hot Tip of the Week

From Hannah Pateman

when you need to hit the phones for a booking but are a little shy call up all your past customers for their birthdate to initiate the conversation. so you say, Hi Jane hope you are well, just wanted to ask you for your birthday and month ( not year) as S&D are running a lovely little promotion whereby they are giving a 10.00 voucher to all the birthday girls in their birthday month and I'd hate you not to get yours,.... by the way the new collection is here and I know how much you adore your jewels, I'd adore to pop over and show you and a few girlfriends the spring sunshine, how does that sound.
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have a great week

good luck to all those pacing for Cascais and on the UK superstars 2014 and enjoy your week with S&D. In reality that's what we do, spread a little happiness and share the joy

love ya