Get Up and Move Campaign

Parker Rodman, Jacob Herring, Henry Noel

Campaign Proposal


High School Students who are concerned about the health and future of the United States and who want others to take care of their bodies to help better the overall health and confidence in the United States. We believe that living an active lifestyle will improve the well-being and overall attitude of each and every citizen in the United States.


Members of the Coppell Community who do not participate in physical activities.

High School Teachers who sit in their chairs all day.

Parents who are stuck in their cubicles.


The Get Up and Move campaign aims to encourage students, parents, and our community to live a fit and active lifestyle to feel healthier and happier in their lives.

Advertisement 1: Radio Commercial by Jacob

Target Audience: High School Parents

Advertisement Placement and Reasoning

The radio commercial will be aired on AM 1310 and FM 102.9 on week afternoons during the hours of 4:30 PM-6:30 PM. Approximately 30% of dads listen to AM 1310 on their way home from work on week afternoons and approximately 45% of females listen to FM 102.9 on weeknights on their way back from work.

Propaganda Techniques

In the radio ad, slogan is used to effectively persuade the parent to get up and be active. This will persuade parents who may not feel confident about their own health. Among many radio ads this slogan helps stand out because many parents aren’t pleased with their health, so it persuades them that if they can get up and move, they will groove in confidence. The use of name-calling lead the audience to think of the average American. The way that the ad calls them a “deep fried couch potato” attracts their attention and persuades them to want to get up and move. Plain Folk is also used to reinforce the overall purpose of the campaign. With the announcement that I am a plain old person from Texas and I lost over 30 pounds, the person listening to this ad gets that they can lose 30 pounds also. This helps persuade the audience to get up and move.

Advertisement 2: Radio Commercial by Parker

Target Audience: Coppell Community

Advertisement Placement and Reasoning

The radio advertisement will be played on stations like 96.7 FM and 1080 AM between the hours of 6 and 8 AM. This advertisement will be played in the morning due to the large amount of early commuters within the Coppell suburb. 96.7 FM is one of the largest sports radio stations and 1080 AM is the largest local news channel in Coppell and DFW.

Propaganda Techniques

In the radio advertisement, testimonial is used to persuade and motivate everyday citizens to live an active lifestyle. The celebrity, Oprah Winfrey used her own story to describe how living an active lifestyle improved her attitude and sparked weight loss. Glittering generality was used by describing a ‘feel good attitude’ and having ‘happiness’ in one’s everyday life. Plain folk was also used to describe how an everyday person can take the challenge of being active. The narrator, Parker Rodman, talked about his past experiences as a bum and how he evolved into healthier and happier citizen.

Advertisement 3: Poster/Photoshop by Henry

Target Audience: Teachers of All Grade Levels

Advertisement Placement and Reasoning

This poster ad will be placed on all the doors of classrooms contained in the school, so the teachers see it everyday as they walk to class, and will be emailed to the teachers directly in order to insure they have seen it.
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Propaganda Techniques

In the poster, the Slogan "Show Others the Path" will be placed to encourage teachers of all grade levels to become fitness leaders for their students. The incorporation of Plain Folk is used when regular, everyday people are placed on the ad to show that you don't have to be a special shape or look to become more fit and live an active lifestyle. Finally Bandwagon is shown in the text, "Everyone is doing it, and you should to", which persuades the teachers that they are missing out on the new, active lifestyle.