Sharon Draper

All About Sharon Draper


Sharon Draper was born on August 21,1948,in Cleveland Ohio. She has three siblings named Jace,Kaitlyn,Sue Sharon is the oldest. Draper started to read at age four and did great in school . Sharon's parents expected four her and her siblings to do well in school. Her brother Jace had a learning disability and made grades like D's and F's! Her parents respected it but still was wanting more from him.


Sharon Draper breezed through high-school taking advanced classes and had extra schooling. She graduated from National Merit school in 1970.

Other Jobs and Famous Books

Sharon Draper is a member of Board National Commission on teaching and America's future member. She has also been and English teacher for 30 years! She has worked with many great kids and was named U.S. teacher of the year bye Bill Cliton! Sharon does a lot of public speaking and travels all over the place.