Healthy Foods and Junk Foods

By:Lizbeth Gonzalez

5 Healthy foods

1. Oats- Oats are rich in fiber and can help you feel full throughout the day. It is a healthy carb and boosts metabolism.

2. Broccoli- It is know to have cancer preventing powers, it has a plenty of fiber with less than 30 calories a serving. It helps prevent weight problems.

3. Nuts- Nuts can help you lose pounds. They are rich in healthy fats that help you slim down.

4.Bananas- Are a slimming superfood, will boost your metabolism and contains resistant starch. It can also help with cramps.

5. Oranges- Contains large amounts of fiber, has a high concentration in vitamin C, and it helps the immune system.

5 Junk Foods

1.Pizza- It contains white flour,processed meats, is is toxic because it is loaded with calories

and fat.

2.Soda- It contains Acidifying, chemical-laden and is loaded with HFCS. It also has artificial sweeteners.

3.Bacon cheeseburger-It contains fats, calories, cholesterol. It has HFCS, high quantities of salt,hormones, and antibiotics.

4.Fried Chicken- It can be made from conventional chicken laden with hormones, and antibiotics and covered with gluten containing breading and chemicals. It contains MSG and salt. It is also fried in oil. This type of chicken is high in calories, fat and other chemicals.

5.Milk shake- It has saturated fat,sugar,conventional dairy and other chemicals for flavoring. They make you feel sick and feel sluggish.