In Vitro Fertilization

Andrea Undercuffler


A British physiologist by the name of Robert Geoffrey Edwards will always be a "hero" to the infertile human. He, along with his associate Patrick Steptoe, successfully developed an alternative method of human (and animal) reproduction known as In Vitro Fertilization.


In Vitro Fertilization is a procedure for conception of an embryo outside of a woman's body. Eggs are harvested from a women and placed in Petri dished where they are then fertilized and put in a proper environment for further development.
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On November 10, 1977, Edwards was able to successfully fertilized the first healthy In Vitro baby. Louise Brown, the first IVF baby was born July 25, 1978. She married a bouncer, Wesley Mullinder, and naturally conceived a baby boy who was born on December 20, 2006.


The first IVF baby was fertilized in Bristol, England, where Edwards did most of his work.


This method was created mainly to help the individuals who may be infertile or can not conceive children naturally.