How To Become A American Citizen

By: Bladen Samaniego and Sage Miner

Eligibility Requirments

If you were born in the United States even if your parents are from a different country you are still going to be a American Citizen. Even if one of your parents are from the United States you are an American Citizen.When you are 18 you are eligible to become an American Citizen.Also you have to live in America for around 8 years. Also if you have been married to a American citizen you can be able to become one. When you have done all the steps to become an American Citizen you will have to apply form in -40. Then you have to turn in the n-400 and make sure you get your receipt. After you have done those steps you will have to go to the FBI to submit you fingerprints and your background records. Once you have done that you will have to do the interview of becoming a America citizen. Then now you are a American citizen but if you do a criminal action you may be sent to your home place.

Determine your eligibility to become a U.S. citizen

If the oath ceremony on the same day as the interview you will have to return the USCIS form to the USCIS office.You have to take the oath of allegiance to become part of America you will receive a certification. After you have done all the steps you will have to understand the rules.