Ms. Gonzalez's Newletter

First Grade, St. Mary's School

Week 4 in First Grade

Hello again Parents!

I have been uploading my brief lesson overviews to our google calendar but you can always come to this newsletter to find our math, science and social studies homework schedule. Mrs. Fibelkorn and I have been working to try to find a better system to keep our 1st graders organized. We recognize that this rotation schedule can be tiresome and complicated for our students.

We have decided to use the different colored folders you have graciously purchased to help our students organize materials by subject.

We had 3 birthdays in the past week! You can check out all the awesome fun we had along with pictures from our week below

Special announcement!

On September 27th our first grade will be hosting the first school spirit/cultural assembly! I am prepping songs to sing and will upload those later this week so that our students can begin practicing!

What are we up to this week?

My Goals for the week

  • have all students remember to take homework home and likewise bring it back the next day
  • Have students really focus on staying in their seats, raising their hands and respecting other teachers (which they struggle doing at times)
  • getting classroom dojo up and running so that you can see your students progress

Curriculum Updates

LANGUAGE ARTS- Mrs. Fiebelkorn will continue her goal to have students complete homework and assignments correctly by following all directions before bringing it in the following day. Please review her homework sheet. Students are focusing on the b, w, v and d sounds.

MATH- We will be sending home the overview of the assessment the children took at the end of the week. We are beginning addition this week and will really focus on reviewing as often as we can.

SOCIAL STUDIES- We will be finishing our "World We Live In" mobile. Thank you again for providing hangers for your students!

SCIENCE- We will continue our study on the states of matter and end with (fingers crossed!) a short field trip to a local ice cream shop at the end of the month.

CHINESE- Ms. Yang will continue her introduction to Chinese and practicing common conversational words and phrases with the students

Reminders This Week

  • Students have Art this week, have all requested art supplies turned in by Tuesday.
  • We Have PE on Friday again so please have students dress accordingly.

Homework for Week 3


1. Read for 30 minutes

2. Math- Mother Goose Even and Odd gameboard (play once through)


1. Read for 30 minutes

2. Math- 2-1 and provided worksheet


1. Read for 30 minutes

2. Math- 2-2 and provided worksheet


1. Read for 30 minutes

2. Math- 2-3 and practice addition rings


1. Read for 30 minutes

2. Review Math Keys

Ms. Angelina Gonzalez

I am happy to meet with you though I ask that you follow the 10-24 rule. If our meeting will take longer than 10 minutes, you will need to notify me 24 hours in advance simply by emailing or calling me.

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