MoASSP Messenger October 26, 2018

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Volume 32 Number 14

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Quote for the Principal's Journey

"As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seems that way."

Jack Handy

Update From the Executive Director

Red Light Mentality

For those of you who remember "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy, segments on "Saturday Night Live", you may recall the humorous quote above. Too many times in education, there is a "red light mentality". We just need to go.

This past Tuesday's State Board of Education meeting, there was a "green light mentality" with members of the board to GO a different direction with cut scores. After a lengthy discussion, the board upheld DESE's recommendations. Out of 51 cut scores, 47 were unchanged. Only four cut scores were modified after the eight meetings with various stakeholder groups around Missouri.

"We are in a transitional year as we move away from hold harmless", states Dr. Chris Neale, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Quality Schools. "MSIP 6 will provide a more balanced approach," adds Neale.

I have included the entire board agenda from Tuesday as well as the final cut scores in this issue of the Messenger. I remain optimistic that positive changes are on the horizon with an assessment system that measures growth with an emphasis on continuous improvement/learning. We need a system that is easily understood by all stakeholders. The light is going to turn green again and when it does, we must GO in a different direction.

Teacher of the Year Banquet

I attended the Missouri Teacher of the Year Banquet this past Monday evening. The 2019 Teacher of the Year, Shelly Parks, expressed her gratitude to school principals. See the video clip below as she praises administrators.


With little over a week remaining before the mid-term elections, we need to talk to all of the candidates we can about the importance of education in Missouri. To view the Better Schools for Missouri's 2018 mid-term endorsements, click here. Be informed of the 2018 ballot measures.

Jake Boone

This week's video is a great example of how to give directions. It is one of a kind.

What's in the rest of this issue...

  • State Board of Education Agenda, PowerPoints, Final Cut Scores
  • Innovative Leadership with Dr. Jim Masters
  • Welcome New MoASSP Members
  • New Website Launch
  • Aspiring Superintendents Survey
  • Teacher of the Year Praises Principals
  • Upcoming Regional Meetings
  • Phone2Action
  • Helpful Resources
  • This Week’s Video
  • Tweet for the Week

Whether you are aspiring, emerging, developing, or transformational, wherever you are on the “Principal’s Journey”, it really is a “matter of principal(ple).” Clark Mershon

State Board of Education Agenda & Supporting PowerPoints from Tuesday's Meeting

Final cut scores for English & math

Big picture
Big picture

The Next in a series of MLDS Articles...Innovative Leadership

From the MLDS description of Innovative Leadership, the components are simple enough.

  • Intentionally pursues continuous professional growth
  • Actively engages in reflective practice
  • Applies new knowledge and understanding to drive appropriate change

Professional growth? Yes. Reflective practice? Of course. How often have we asked, “How did that happen?” And then that one word that strikes fear in the hearts of practitioners everywhere


Continue reading, click the link below.

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MoASSP New Website Launched

Everyone in the MoASSP office is pleased to announce the launch of the newly designed website. All MoASSP members should have received an email on Wednesday indicating that their profile was now active on the new website. Members received a username and temporary password. Please take the time to explore the new site at

Our goal is to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our current and prospective Association members. We hope you enjoy our new design that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Since our launch this past Friday, we continue to add content, documents, photos, videos, calendar additions, and announcements. On the Homepage, you will find useful information, ways to stay connected, and direct links to membership and upcoming events.

We welcome your feedback. Please send us an email to

Aspiring Superintendents Program Survey Request From MASA

If you are an aspiring superintendent, please take a moment to complete the survey below from the Missouri Association of School Administrators.

2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year, Shelly Parks, Praises Principals

During her remarks at the Missouri Teacher of the Year Banquet this past Monday evening in Jefferson City, Shelly Parks compliments building principals. Listen to the video below on who she calls out by name.

Upcoming Regional Meetings

9:00 am SASSP Meeting/MSHSAA 101;Lindbergh HS, 5000 Lindbergh Blvd. St. Thursday, November 1, 2018

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Advocacy In Action...Register now for Phone2Action!

MoASSP has partnered with NASSP with a new advocacy tool called Phone 2 Action. MoASSP welcomes members to become an "Advocate" by clicking on this link, provide the following information, and confirm subscription:

  • home address
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  • You will then receive a text message from 528-86 with the following message: "Reply YES to confirm your subscription to Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals alerts.

It is that simple. You do not have to send a message to your legislator to become an advocate. When we have an action item that needs support, we will be ready to act.

Helpful Resources

This Week's Video

Top MoASSP Tweet for the Week

MoASSP Board of Directors

  • NASSP Coordinator for Missouri: John Faulkenberry, Lee's Summit HS
  • MoASSP President: Ed Gettemeier, Hardin MS
  • MoASSP President-Elect: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS
  • MoASSP Past President: Chris Hoehne, Ste. Genevieve HS
  • MoASSP Treasurer: Kathryn Greer, Francis Howell North HS
  • At-Large Non-Public: Valerie Todd, St. Mary's HS
  • At-Large Assistant Principal: Jennifer Strauser, Eureka HS
  • At-Large Middle Level: Jonathan Apostol, Monett MS
  • Kansas City (GKCMPA): Jeff Meisenheimer, Lee's Summit North HS
  • Northwest: Robert Bowers, Lathrop HS
  • Northeast: Scott Daly, Hallsville HS
  • Southeast: Dan Hecht, Kelly-Benton HS
  • Southwest: Sarah Odom, Cherokee MS
  • South Central: Jim Pritchett, Rolla HS
  • Central: Brandon Harding, Cole Camp HS
  • St. Louis (SASSP): Andy Croley, McCluer North HS
  • NASSP Board Member: Kevin Lowery, Lebanon HS

2018-2019 District Presidents

  1. Central Region: Jonathan Peterson, Smithton HS
  2. GKCMPA: Charlie Belt, Blue Springs South HS
  3. Northeast Region: Deborah Hill-Haag, Mexico MS
  4. Northwest Region: Beery Johnson, Benton HS
  5. SASSP: Gary Jansen, Crestview MS (Rockwood)
  6. South Central Region: Kelle McCallum, Washington HS
  7. Southeast Region: Lucas McKinnis, Bernie HS
  8. Southwest Region: Keith White, Buffalo HS

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