5 ways to be successful in 6 grade

Quizlet hw

You should always do your quizet. You should do one each day Monday to Thursday. The Quizlets you have to do are all of them other than the scatter. The Quizlets are also practice for your wordly wise.They aren't that hard so you should get easy 100 on them.


You have to make a prediction.You have to stop and jot. You have to underline the words in the questions. You have to answer in complete sentences. You also have to answer in at least 2 sentences.

Wordly Wise

You practice the wordly wise on the Quizlets. For extra practice on the Quizlet is the scatter. You also have a wordly wise packet that is due monday. You have to answer all these things in the packet. The last thing you have to do is complete a reading passage and use each word at least once.


For the novel you read the book and answer questions. For example we are reading the book Wonder and we have to answer questions to it. You would discuss what your question will be and you will answer it.You will answer questions about the pages you read.You will read a lot of books you will answer questions to.

Reading log

For the reading logs you will read a book for 20 minutes. You have to read at least 10 pages.You have to answer at least 6-8 sentences about your book.The reading log is due monday so due one each day monday to friday. On the reading log you have to put what book you read, the pages you read to and from, and how long you read for.

Math homework

The math homework is due every Friday. You have to download the homework. You look at the problems and work it out on the paper. You put down your answer on the paper. Friday morning you turn in your paper into the math basket.

Math centers

The math centers you work on for a half hour each. You only work on 2 each day. There are only 6 centers to work on. The buzz math you get more than one assignment to work on. The ixl you also work on more than one and each on is 15 problems. There are some assignments that are individual and some that are as a group.

ten marks/ixl/buzz math

The ten marks are centers you work on. They each have ten problems. The ixl could be homework or centers. You work on 15 problems for each ixl. buzz math is a center that we get and we get more than one buzz math.


You have to tack care of your computer. You have to work on what your supposed to be working on. You have to charge your computer before you go to bed. You have to finish all your homework in time. You also have to make sure you take care of your charger.


You have to be nice. You can't be mean to your teachers. You should respect others. You have to respect other peoples computers. You also have to respect other peoples chargers.