The Missouri Compromise

Tuesday, November 13th 2012

What Lead To It , What Is America Today ?

  • 36, 30.
  • The Missouri Compromise was the determination as to which states were going to be free states and which state was going to be slave states.
  • Lead to the 2nd Missouri Compromise.
  • The Senate passed a bill allowing Maine to enter the Union as a free state and Missouri to be admitted without restrictions on slavery.
  • Although slavery had been a divisive issue in the United States for decades, never before had sectional antagonism been so overt and threatening as it was in the Missouri crisis.
  • The main problem was this "should new states be allowed to have slaves?" and also "should a northern state be required to enforce slavery rules from the south".
  • This affected slavery because it made people actually pay attention instead of ignoring the problem which lead to the Civil War.
  • American history after the ratification of the Constitution was a series of compromises meant to difuse the issue of slavery.
  • Congress also agreed to draw a line in the remaining territory acquired in the Louisana Purchse.

It Has Changed America Forever ...

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