Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

By: Will Ryan

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Book Trailer
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In the story Where the Mountain Meets the Moon different characters have different character traits. For part of this unit I focused on an essential question. This question was is it better to be a dreamer or realistic. I think it is better to be a dreamer. If you want to be an athlete when you grow up you can dream about that. But, if your not to good at sports you may be realistic. Now I will talk about the characters. The lead off character is Minli. She is a little girl who does not care what people think of her. Ba is a nice man who is a dreamer in lots of things. Following that, ma is a character who changes through the story because she realizes different things. The fourth character is dragon. He is a kind dragon who is always looking out for others. The final character is the Buffalo Boy. He is a positive character in this wonderful story. Now read on to learn about Minli, our first character.


Minli is the main character in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. She has lots of character traits that shape her to make her who she is. The leading trait that describes Minli is impulsive. One of the clues that make people think of her as impulsive she left for never ending mountain without thinking about telling Ma or Ba. She doesn't even know if never Ending Mountain is real, she just heard Ba’s story and left. Minli knows that Ba is a dreamer and she believes in Ba’s stories so she thinks she can bring her family fortune. The reason after I know she is impulsive is that she bought the goldfish without thinking about what her parents will say. Wrapping it up, she helps dragon without knowing him or what he is or what he will do. Being impulsive leads us to our next trait for Minli, courageous. For starters, she leaves home by herself. After, she runs into the kingdom after the king even though there is an army of guards waiting for her. In conclusion, she leaves the cave while knowing the green tiger is out there. The next trait is that she is compassionate I know this because she helps dragon from the monkeys. After that, Minli offers the buffalo boy her copper coin because she knows he is poor. Finally she tells the old man of the moon dragon’s question and not hers. Minli has lots of character traits that shape her to be who she is.

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As well as Minli Ma also has many character traits that make her. In the beginning Ma is unsatisfied about their fortune because they are poor. But she changes throughout the story. She changes by realizing that she has a home and a family and that is enough. At the end Ma is thankful for Minli being home and safe. She listens to Ba’s stories and becomes a dreamer. She changed because she realizes that Ba’s stories weren’t the reason of Minli’s leaving but she knew then that it was her complaining’s fault. She knows that the family should be happy always.


Ba like the other characters has 3 traits that shape him. His first trait is a dreamer. He tells lots of stories like fruitless mountain and the dragons pearl. The next trait is hardworking. He works so hard in the fields to please his family. Lastly he is so committed to finding Minli. His last trait that builds him is caring. He is not mad when Minli buys the goldfish; in fact he agrees to feed it. Lastly, he will not stop until he finds Minli. Ba’s traits that I listed are three of many characters traits that shape Ba into the man he is.
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Just like all the other characters Dragon has many character traits that shape him into the dragon he becomes. First, he is very sensitive. For example, he cries when the monkeys tie him up. Also, he cried when Minli asked him if he could fly, and he felt sad because he couldn't. Finally, he became sad when he told Minli he vaguely renumbers what his name was. Dragon’s next character trait is that he is very caring. He wants to go back to the mountain for Minli when he finds out that she only asked his question to the Old Man of the Moon. Next, he doesn't think about himself when he is injured from the green tiger. He only asks Minli how she is. Finally, he gets Minli home as quick as he can so she can see her family. Dragon’s final character trait is brave. I know this because he is obedient and agrees to stay at the bottom of the mountain for three days all-alone. Next, he attacks the green tiger without knowing what the tiger would do to him. He jumps on the tiger flailing at him who gets infuriated and runs away. Finally, he walks close to the stone lines near the inner city not knowing if the people would see him or not. Those are the three character traits that make Dragon the fierce dragon that he is.
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Buffalo Boy

Similar to the other characters I mentioned Buffalo Boy has three traits that shape him. His first character trait is secretive. He did not let Minli know who his friend is. He is not very obnoxious in the inner city, so he cannot be heard. Closing, he did not let his friend know who Minli was. That leads us to the next trait, which is kind. He lets Minli sleep in his home for shelter. Minli had a question for the Buffalo Boy to ask his friend and he agreed to ask the question. Finally, he gives the buffalo a home. The final trait is positive. Even though the Buffalo Boy is poor he does not care. He did not care that he has poor shelter to sleep in, or a poor amount of food to eat. Those are the various traits that shaped Buffalo Boy into himself.
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Wow that was Amazing! I hope you loved learning about all of the different characters and their traits. if I had to choose between them i would choose the Buffalo Boy. He would never complain about anything. He would be so cooperative with anything. You would find me dumbfounded if He wasn't cooperative. I love this book and I encourage you to read it also!!! Just go to a local library and ask a librarian to help you find it.
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