Diego Rivera and his murals

This is about the mural "the making of a fresco".

His mural

A mural is a HUGE painting on a wall. The people on it are life sized, and from a distance away, it seems to be alive! The artist, Diego Rivera, painted it in the early 1900's. It is called "The making of a fresco".

Diego Rivera biography

Diego Rivera was born in Guanajaqto mexico in the 1800's. His mural, "The making of a fresco" was painted in the early 1900's. He painted more and more. He inspired other people to paint these magnifecent paintings. That is why in urban areas, there is a lot of them. I even saw one before! He died in November 24, 1957. He was 70 when he died.

More of his murals

Diego Rivera also had a wife. Here is a picture of her.

Diego Riveras' wife, Emma Hurtado

She is mexican, too. She died at the age of 66. Information: The New York Times website.

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