Mass Hysteria

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Movie Massacre Batman Shooting

A man name James Eagan Holmes was involved in a Massive Movie Shooting.

He was born December 13, 1987 (age 28). He was convicted on 24 counts of murder and 140 counts of attempted murder for the 2012 Aurora shooting that killed 12 people and injured 70 others at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012(Wikipedia).

How were people life impacted?

The people who was apart is the shooting was fear from going to the movies anytime soon. They people didn't feel secure. They do have to be aware of there surroundings. That made an impact on them selves and other families to. The people who were involved was not expecting that to happen to them or other people. Since then more polices have been at different theater and are more aware of people there.

Where did it take place?

James Holmes showed up to the world in a Colorado cinema filled with seprctators watching a midnight showing in June 2012. This is where the action was taking in the theater. Just like any other busy day when a new movies come out. That day was a bit different as James Holmes entered the movies. He had a killed and injured innocent people.

Did it alter the course of history in The Movie Masscure?

Yes it did change. People in Colorado bought more guns but they had to have more background checks . This also affected a few of the other stated who also the population increase in purchasing more guns.The shooting reignited the political debate on gun control. Also the guns laws was more enforce.
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What spurred this hysteria event?

What causes this event was because of James mental insanity. This caused him to become crazy. Since then he decided to have a AK-47 gun. He also had some deadly toxic gas that end up killing seven people and 70 other people were injured.

Who was involved with the mass hysteria in The Crucible

Abigail was one of the instigators in The Crucible. She was the antagonist in the play.She was involved in witchcraft and lick the blood of the chicken in the woods. Abigail soon gets the other girls involved in this hyteria. Basically they were threaten to cooperate and go along with Abigail. They cause Betty to become oddly sick.

Where did The Crucible take place?

The Crucible is a play. It was written by a American playwright Arthur Miller in 1953. It is a drama and mostly fictional story. It took place of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts Bay during 1693. In the scene where John and Abigail took place is when there where alone with Betty in the room. That's when the affair started to take place.
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Did it alter the course of history in The Crucible?

Yes it did affect the history of this event because of the affair that were deal with John and Abigail. Also Abigail didn't like Elizabeth which made them even more suspicious. Not forgetting that Abigail did perform witchcraft. She got Elizabeth arrested. Even today we still go through this with people. People start having affairs with other people. Later on they will regret it.

How were people lives impacted in The Crucible?

The conflict of the shock and fear experienced by the girls, who are caught doing witch-craft in the forest. They are spotted dancing and then sitting around the cauldron. Abigail is drinking chicken blood and the other girls are throwing frogs into the cauldron. Abigail threatens the girls that she will harm them in the dead of night. They instigate a witchhunt against their enemies which sets in train a court case that leads to the deaths of more than 72 people in Salem. Espeacially Abigail uses the witchhunt as a pretence to take revenge on Goodie Proctor who dismissed her after she became aware of her affair with John.
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What spurred this event?

John Proctor commit adultery with Abigail. He realized if he had an affair it would damage him in God eyes. John and Abigail had kiss and had something going on together. It didn't last for long. In this case Elizabeth has catch on but has also committed sins of her own. Elizabeth has lack of trust towards John. Since John went to court and tells about the affair. Soon John regrets it and cant seem to forgive himself because of his actions he has done.
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