The Battle Against The Dey

By Josiah Wenrich

We are going to war!!

President Jefferson Finally gets the okay from Congress to send our ships into the Mediterranean. After years of our ships getting taken over we will finally have protection, and may be able to end this battle finally.

The First Battle of the War.

Stephen Decatur led his men in a daring fight against a pirate ship. And this conflict is believed to be the first battle of the war. The ship approached Essex to try an board it. But Lieutenant Decatur used his long powerful cannons to strike the ship until it surrendered. Lieutenant Decatur has been promoted for his bravery And will help us win this war!

The War is Over!

The war is officially over. The Dey has surrendered, and promised to stop attacking our ships. William Eaton and all the many Seaman and Captains helped us win this war. We are very thankful for them, and are glad to call them Americans.