The Zipper

By: Caitlyn Jones & Juliana Kesteven


In 1903 a man by the name of Whitcomb Judson created the zipper. The zipper made different impacts on things that we have today. Our society has changed with our clothes.

Inventer History!

Whitcomb was born on March 7, 1846 in Chicago IL. Judson was a mechanical engineer. He died December 7, 1909 in Muskeagon MI. He went to Knox Collage Illinois. He was married to Annie Judson from 1874 until he died.

Impact of invention

The creation of the zipper has lead into other innovations such as Velcro and the plastic zippers. It had impacted the different clothing designs such as jeans. The zipper, being so small, hasn't created a huge different in everyday society but has made its way comfortably into peoples daily lives.