Turner Fenton Book Talk

Digital Tools for Teaching

Welcome the TFSS Book Talk

Please have a look at the video link below and begin thinking about where you might like to start your journey into digital teaching and learning.
Digital Tools for Teaching

Today's Agenda

  1. Keyword Loop - Characteristics of the Net Generation
  2. Save the Last Word - unpacking Johnson's key ideas
  3. Digital Citizenship
  4. Making a committment

Additional Resources to Consider on your Journey

Homework #1

Follow the link below to VoiceThread.  This program allows you to post documents online and have others provide feedback.  Your job is to read both postings, and comment on each one.  You can comment in three ways: text,  video or audio recording.  The choice is yours.

Homework #2

After flipping through the second half of our book, visit the Google Doc below and sign up for a tool that you will use with your students before our next meeting.  On May 8, we will hear from you about your experience. The tool does not need to be identified in our book, if there is some other digital tool you are interested in trying feel free.  Just be sure to vet it first!