Isagenix Launch Party!!

Hosted by: Matt and Jennifer

Wednesday, April 16th!!

Please join us as we share our exciting endeavor into the Health and Wellness Industry!

The groundwork for all happiness is health!

Offering all natural, organic, cutting edge nutritional and anti-aging products, Isagenix offers easy to follow systems for any of the areas you may want to improve.

Seeking to change? Isagenix offers scientifically and clinically proven results and systems that work synergistically to fuel with your body with all the correct ingredients needed for your body and your mind transformation to take place...naturally...and easily, right before your eyes! When you have your health, you really do have everything...

Regrets only: Call or text 636-448-6481 Jenn. or

Wednesday, April 16th, 6:45-7:45pm

7159 Heartland Dr

O'Fallon, MO

How to go from "Now" to "Wow"....It's simple!

How to go from "Now" to "Wow"....It's simple!

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