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May 2018

The Tot Spot Early Education Academy

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"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day"

Hey Tot Spot Family,

  • Though we have sunscreen to reapply throughout the day, please bring your child already wearing it that way we have more time for outside adventures :)
  • Make sure your child is in closed-toe shoes for their safety and health.

Center Update

  • We are excited as our first anniversary at the new center approaches!
  • We are in the midst of exciting changes for some of our ones, twos, and now three year old kiddos! We are on the move! Many of our friends are moving into new classrooms this month and next month. Check out our posts and celebrate with us for these birthdays!

Referral Program!!!

We have something exciting to tell you guys about moving to the new center!! We need some more kiddos to fill it, so we need your help! For every referral you will get 2 weeks free. What's better than FREE tuition?? So start spreading the word about the new Tot Spot and tell them to let us know you sent them :-)

Changes with Communication

Special Events and Birthdays!!!


Cru: May 8th

Ms. Allison: May 13th

Asher: May 14th

Evelyn: May 14th

Emilie: May 14th

Rylan: May 19th

Kole: May 30th

Ms. Le Andra: June 1st

Charles: June 3rd

Scarlett: June 3rd

VIvian: June 4th

Current Events:

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 7th-11th

Preschool Parent-Teacher Conferences: May 16th-31st

Muffins Mornings: May 11th

Memorial Day Break TTS Closed: Monday May 28th

Future Events:

Family Fun Day/Graduation: June 1st

Donuts Days: June 15th

Themes - Zoophonics Friend of the Week

Week of May 7th: Numbers Week

Week of May 14th: Shape Week

Week of May 21st: Spring Week

Week of May 28th: Spring Week

In the Classroom!

The Smalls

Sensory, Art, Science:

Being in the breeze, and touching the grass, and picking up a rock will be upcoming adventures for the Smalls. We will drive some cars through the sand and salt, and have a car wash. We will continue to let our babies play with their food!


There is always opportunities to use math in everything we do. We count our toys, toes, fingers, snack. Getting those fingers moving with crayons last month was great! We will continue this practice, and get those lines and circle. We will be able to explore outside chalk also.

Dramatic Play:

As the big kids anticipate meal times, we use this opportunity to pretend and prepare the food with the kids. We will mix and pour and serve up our food.


We like to talk to the babies as soon as possible on things that we know they will be practicing soon. We will also continue to work on our sign language. We have been trying to set boundaries, and use consistency in rules. The word "no" is being used in order for the babies to understand wrong choices. If this is a concern, or you would rather your child not have this reinforcement, please address it with us.

Gross Motor: Pushing physically abilities is challenging and rewarding. We will use our muscles and energy to stay active.


We use the tone of our voice to emphasize the letter sounds. There are links attached below where you can check out more about Zoophonics.

The Junior Scouts and Stuart Littles

Welcome to our new friends Zayn and Cayden!!!!

What we're doing next month...

Parent Teacher Conferences!!!

Learning numbers and how to count

Lots of sensory activates (Rice Krispies, Ice Bin, Edible Slime, etc.)

Learning basic shapes (triangles, circles, squares, rectangles

Outside Sensory activates

Look out for all of our art work!

This month is very exciting for the Stuart Littles. Most of the class will be moving into the 2's room around the middle of May! I will be moving with them and I can't
wait to see them explore their new classroom and new classmates. A couple of the Stuart Littles who won't be moving up will go into the Jr. Scouts room with Ms. Ericka and Ms. Emily. I know that they will have a lot of fun with them until they are ready to move up. We will transition early June birthdays in a few hours/days at a time...or if they are down...we'll go ahead and move them. Check with Ms. Alisha for greater detail.

We are going to start focusing more on our letters. We will be learning which letters make up our names and recognizing which name belongs to us. We are also going to continue to build our vocabulary. Hopefully some our new big kid classmates can help us. :)

The Scouts & Stuarts

In the month of May, we are going to be focusing on shapes, the weather, and plants. For shapes, we will be identifying each shape in various of ways, such as making art, a shape sensory bin, and sorting shapes. For weather we will discuss different types of weather. We will be making rainbows, clouds, sun catchers, and watching a rain jar. Last, but not least, we will finish May learning about plants before graduation. We will be growing beans, painting with dirt, watching flowers change color, painting and cutting flowers and exploring with worms!!

This month will have much change. We have 4 friends moving or moving up the Sherlock's Room quite soon. Ms. Corrine will be working full time as soon as she completes her finals. We said good bye to Ms. Megan, Ms. Sarah, and Constancio.


May begins our shapes week, Muffin Mornings and spring themed weeks.

Our class is growing day by day, we have added new students and due to the increase we have split the class into small groups (Spots and Stripes).

Our science experiments this month will include eggs and changes that occur in different liquids, different types of soap bars and their reaction in water, DIY galaxy jar and DIY cake flour.

Our math activities this month include counting items for the galaxy jar using pinchers and fine-motor skills, coin wrappers and coin sorting, shape and letter outlining/tracing and indoor/outdoor hopscotch.


Welcome to our friends Carson and Asher from The Scouts Class!

April showers have brought May flowers! We are all so excited to be able to participate in lots of fun outdoor activities now that the weather is nice! We are still working on our school garden... If you have any garden decorations, seeds, or tools you would like to donate, we would be very grateful! A garden is a great way to learn about the Earth, nature, and life in general!

This month we will be discussing lots of fun themes! To begin with, we will be discussing the Jungles and Rain-forests. This theme is a great way to discuss mother nature and life on Earth! Next, we will get to talk about Dinosaurs! One of my favorite dinosaur activities is to have the children explore in the sand box with brushes and find fossils! After this week, we will be celebrating Mother's Day and making lots of secret crafts! (SHH!) Finally, to end our month, we will be discussing something that every kid loves to talk about... THEMSELVES! It's our ALL ABOUT ME week! This is a great way to promote a positive self image and includes lots of fun activities like self portraits, where the kids can discuss what they like about themselves and what makes them special!

I am so excited to begin kicking off our summer and I hope everyone is ready to come to school to learn new and exciting things and have fun!


Fundraising Report

Thank you guys so much for all your work on the last couple fundraisers!!! We are currently working on our basic necessity toiletry drive for the Julian Center. See the posts around the center for more information on this event and make sure you talk to your teachers to see why they are so excited for their class to win.

Healthy Start Wisdom

Seasonal May Cooking!

Let’s talk seasonal produce! This month I’ll be in the kitchen with plenty of avocado, kale, berries, mango, peas, and maybe experimenting with some more beet recipes. Basically pick any color in the rainbow and May has you covered.

Colorful plates = the best plates.

But just incase you want to indulge a little this month, here is a recipe for healthier brownies.

Healthy Start Wisdom From Ms. Alisha

With this being Spring in Indiana, it's not unusual to be stuck indoors. This month I'm sharing some music links of Dr. Jean that we use to stay active. I like them because you don't need the actual music and the kids really enjoy them.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (the song is different than the book)

Go Bananas: My version starts like Dr. Jean's' but is different depending on what I'd like them to learn such as pop like popcorn if we're working on hopping or find the color brown)

Tooty Ta:

The Book Nook

Ages 2 and Under: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by Eric Carle

This book is a classic by Eric Carle that invites a singsong approach to reading with your child. This book helps young children identify colors and meanings with objects. You can also engage your child by asking them what animal comes next and what colors they see.

2-3 year olds: Tanka Tanka Skunk by Steve Webb

I love this book because it puts a fun spin on language development and learning syllables! This is a book that you can really get into and even dance to with your child, but you have to watch out for those younger twisters they will get you, but that adds to the fun!

Sawyers/Sherlocks: Willie The Whiner by Mavis Smith

Willie The Whiner is one of my favorite books from my childhood. It is not well known, but it holds a special spot in my heart. When I was about six years old, I wanted to buy the movie storybook to CASPER, but my mom bought me this book instead. This book taught me that whining, which kids are known to do, does not often pay off in the end. I hope you have the opportunity to find and read this book in the near future!

The Parent's Spotlight!

Thank you!!!

Thank you guys so much for the:

  • paper
  • gardening supplies
  • sunscreen
  • grocery bags

Would you like to donate?

We could use:

  • Shaving Cream
  • White cardstock
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Sharpies or Permanent Markers
  • Fun duct tape

The Teacher's Spotlight!

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Ms. Alisha: Man, these are some deep questions. I'd say everyone would have empathy: Noun, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. That would stop a lot of ridiculousness.

Mr. Mike: The Bears would always have an awesome draft or something deep like end hate.

Ms. Le Andra: If I could change one thing about the world it would be all to take away all negativity and judgement. I wish we could all just get along and live in peace. Just think of how much happier we could all be if everyone was positive and loved each other.

Ms. Allison: I would change the world by ending capitalism. Without the need to obtain things and make money, people would be free to make the choices that make them happy and enjoy life.

Ms. Corrine: World hunger because I believe no one should have to starve when we have the technology and plenty of food around the world.

The Tot Spotter's Spotlight!

Graduation/Family Fun Day

Friday, June 1st, 3-6pm

1 Park Drive

Fishers, IN

Family Fun Day is coming up! Please join us for food and fun in June. This is a new location with a larger indoor space, an awesome park, and a small splash pad. Mark your calendars now!!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.