The Great Plains

of Texas

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Major Employers

Haliburton is a major employer in the Great Plains region. They work with oil companies.

Tyson Chicken is also a major employer in this area. They have a food plant located in Amarillo.

Climate and Population

  • The climate varies greatly because there are different elevations.
  • 20,336,243 people live in the great plains regions.

Rivers of the Texas Great Plains

The Red River, Brazos River and Colorado River are all important rivers that flow through the Great Plains of Texas.

Red River - is 1,360 miles long ending in Lousiana, is the border of Oklahoma and Texas

Brazos River - is 840 miles long beginning in Blackwater Draw and ending in the Gulf of Mexico.

Colorado River - is the 18th longest river in the United States, it is 862 miles long and it ends in the Gulf of Mexico.

State Parks

Palo Duro Canyon - Nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Texas, it is the second largest Canyon in the United States. There are 30 miles of hiking, bird watching, camping and outdoor performances there.

Caprock Canyon - Known for the buffalo population and the annual Bison Festival in October, there are plenty of things to do there. Caprock Canyon has 13 trails, campsites, and plenty to do.

Big Spring Lake - This 382 acre park has a beautiful view. They have a big fireworks show for the 4th of July ans well as trails and picnic spots.

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1 Unique Fact

Houston has over 90 different languages spoken there

Tourist Attraction

Don Harrington Discovery Center is an interactive science center in Amarillo, Texas with hands-on science exhibits and a planetarium. The Discovery Center is located in the cities hospital district and is named after philanthropist Don Harrington.

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Amarillo Zoo

Founded in 1955 the Amarillo Zoo is a place to share the wonders of the animal world with kids of all ages. The beautiful 15-acre site is located in Thompson Park and features over 60 species of animals. The zoo is designed for fun and discovery and will provide a lifetime of memories.

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Historical Site

Santa Fe Building

Built in 1928-30 at a cost of $1,500,000, this structure was designed by Santa Fe Railroad architect E. A. Harrison. The 14-story building was the tallest in Amarillo until the 1970s, and housed the offices and division headquarters of the Santa Fe Railroad.

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