Summer Bucket Challenge #3

Tools for Interacting with New Knowledge (Marzano)

Tools for Interacting with New Knowledge (Marzano)

Challenge #3

Summer 2016

May 20 - July 29

All grade levels and subject areas

DQ2: Tools for Interacting with New Knowledge (Marzano)

What will I do to effectively help students interact with new knowledge?

Challenge completion information will be posted below:

Tools for Interacting with New Knowledge (Marzano)

DQ2: Tools for Interacting with New Knowledge (Marzano)

Part A: Reflective Journals: : This activity will get you exploring some tech options for journaling with students.

1. Please read these Top Ten Reasons for Students to Blog by Sylvia Duckworth

2. Please read Five Reasons Your Students Should Blog by George Couros

Now we will explore two options.

1. Seesaw: Please see this link for an overview of this amazing tool.

2. Weebly: Please see this link for an overview of Weebly for Blogging

Personally, I love Seesaw and see it as an option K-12, however there is also some nice potential with Weebly. It is a matter of personal preference.

* After viewing information on both platforms please go to Padlet and share an idea of something you have done traditionally (paper/pencil) that you could see done with one of these blogging tools.

Part B: Checking for understanding: Video/Audio tools for reflection

Screencasting has a lot of possibilities and does not have to be a long presentation with visuals. Sometimes a simple audio recording by the student and/or teacher is enough to provide reflection and feedback.

1. Here is a great blog post on: Showing Understanding Through Screencasting.

Now we will explore two options.

1. ClipChamp: Clipchamp is an easy to use tool that provides an opportunity to record a five minute video of yourself. This tool would work well for students and teachers sharing information and reflection. ClipChamp can be saved to your computer or YouTube. Creating and sharing are simple ad easy to follow.

2. Screencastify: As stated in the blog post above, Screencastify is another great tool with a lot of classroom potential. Screencasting can be used as a teacher or students. Whether it is for a presentation, reflection, exit ticket, screencasting can be a great tool for sharing knowledge and understanding.

* After viewing the information on screencasting, I would like you to create one using either of the above tools. Your screencast video should simply be a reflection of the tool or an example of soemthing you will use ext year in your classroom. Please save the link (YouTube or Google Drive). Please post your Screencast example to Padlet.

Part C: Brainstorming/note-taking: tools for individual and collaborative notes

1. Padlet: Padlet is a tool for collaborative note-taking and brainstorming. End products can easily be shared, saved ad linked to course materials for viewing later. If you have done another challenge from the Summer Bucket List, you will already be aware of the potential with Padlet.

*Check out: Twenty useful Ways to Use Padlet in class Now

2. Popplet: Popplet is a tool that allows users to visualize ideas. Teachers and students can create graphic organizers, timelines, and many other forms of visual organization

*Check out: Ten Great Ways to Use Popplet in the Kindergarten Classroom

*After viewing the information on brainstorming/note-taking, please choose one of the brainstorming tools above to create a product you plan to use in your classroom. There are several ideas in the linked articles. Please use a link or a screenshot of your creation and post it to the Padlet.

Bucket Challenge:

1. Six tools beneficial for reflecting and interacting with new knowledge were discussed above. For this bucket challenge I would like you to select one of the tools you feel would most benefit you and your classroom. Whether you set up a blog, start a Padlet, or record a screencast, make it something that will benefit you and your students this fall. This challenge is wide-open with these six options. Everyone is at a different spot with technology integration and implementing new things. Choose oner that meets your needs and create! Please share your creation link or attachment on the course Padlet.

2. Complete this Google Form with information regarding your Challenge #3 participation.

Bucket Bonus: Google Keep: Google Keep has become one of my new favorite tools. I love the ease of use and the ability to see my notes on any device. I also love that I can share a note, color-code a note and easily dump it into a Google document. To learn more about Google Keep in the classroom, check out this post by Alice Keeler.