Josephine Baker

The women who was born poor and died rich

Who was Josephine Baker?

You’re about to hear about a women that was born poor,but died rich! Josephine Baker was born on June 3rd,1906 in St.Louis Missouri. She is an African American. Her mom’s name is Carrie McDonald,she never got married so Josephine had no father,but Eddie Carson fathered her. While she was growing up Mrs.Keiser would beat her until blisters appeared. Her bed was a little wooden box,also she had a dog name Three Legs. When Josephine did something she wasn’t supposed to Mes.Keiser would punish her by putting Josephine’s arm in boiling hot water and once she fainted because of the pain. After she fainted she woke up in the hospital. Josephine was first married at age 13 with Willie Maxwell. Before Josephine finished school she dropped out of school. After she dropped out of school she remarried at the age 15,to Will Baker. She ended up marrying four times! After a few years she adopted twelve children. Josephine ended up in a French Chateau with her fourth husband and her twelve adopted children. After years went by Josephine and her fourth husband's house got foreclosed by the bank. She had to move to a different town. That was a few years before she died.

What did Josephine Baker do?

You’re about to hear about Josephine’s life as a performer. Josephine first appeared on stage at the age of nineteen. Josephine gave her speech at March Washington on August 28,1968. Her job before performing was shoveling snow. Josephine first performed with the Jone’s family. While she was performing with the Jone’s family another company that was offering more money wanted her,but she refused. She danced for happiness and to keep warm because her family didn’t have enough money for a heater.She danced with a famous entertainer,Ma Rainey. In 1925 Josephine became famous for singing and dancing. Eventually she moved to Paris for her company.While she was in Paris she was a sensation! Children around the world were inspired by her. People in Paris told her that she was worth a million dollars! After a while she joined the Red Cross. When she was in the Red Cross she built a new pool and a new garden. She also bought and owned a nightclub and also performed there too. Shortly after that she retired in 1956 to spend more time with her adopted children and husband.That didn’t last long because she returned in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Josephine sold out in a crowd in Paris right before she died. Sadly Josephine died on April 12th,1975. At her funeral people honored her for who she was.

What was Josephine Baker's Impact on the world?

Josephine Baker was a leader in the French Air Force.Josephine also fought for Civil Rights.She fought for racism because she thought it wasn’t fair at all. Josephine would put soup out for the homeless.Also she gathered food for the hungry and the homeless.

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