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Region 18 Collaboration Day #1: 10/13/15


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Here's what to expect today:

  • Lesson Plan Discussion with YAG and "whole cookie" strategy
  • Recap of August training "Results Driven Instruction"
  • Tri-weekly assessment check in
  • Technology Integration Discussion & Planning Session


Please include the following:

  • who you are
  • what you teach
  • other hats you wear
  • the best part of the Fall semester thus far
  • one thing you LOVE about your job
  • one thing you wish you could change about your job
  • one piece of info about you that might surprise the rest of us :)
Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters

Check in with Lesson Planning...

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  • OR send a text message to 37607 with a message of: LAURAKILE453

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TEA: All things STAAR

NEW update from TEA for 2016 4 and 7 STAAR Writing Test: here
  • Find released tests here
  • Find all things writing (rubrics, sample comp boxes, student samples, etc.) here
  • Find updated writing grade 7 STAAR redesign here
  • Find updated grade 7 Performance Level Descriptors here
  • See 2015-2016 Testing Calendar here

Quick Recap: Face to Face Training Round 1

Here's the link to our August Face to Face Training, Round 1:

Putting it into Plan: Teaching the Whole Cookie

  • Listen, Speak, Read, Write
  • Writing Focus: Student Friendly Rubrics
  • Recall CommonLit for thematic paired passages & making connections
  • Don't forget Newsela for differentiated news articles by lexile level

Here's our Google Doc of notes today; add to them!

For Planning:

  • Depth of Knowledge Chart (click here)
  • Bloom's Planning Guide Chart (click here)
  • Padagogy Wheel: technology integration (click here)

Looking for Tech Extensions?

Check out High Tech Verbs to find extensions, tools, and apps to correspond with your planned objectives:

Check out even more Tech Tools!

Here's a link to a 3 hour presentation on Tech Tools for new teachers:

Need a no tech option? Try Plickers!

Student Response Systems without Student Devices

TEKS Resource System

To note:

  • YAG (Year at a Glance)

  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document)

  • VAD (Vertical Alignment Document)

  • Performance Assessments

Common Assessments

  • Where are we?
  • Where are we going?
  • How will we get there?

Review logistics of building assessments in eduphoria here:

Beyond Expository...

A helpful reminder to give honor to our students' experiences and the importance of writing beyond the tested genre: "Why Narrative Writing Matters" here

Other Random Tools & Resources:

Save the Dates!

Upcoming Region 18 Support Dates:
  • Monday, 11/16
  • Tuesday, 1/19

Thanks for today!

Please provide us with some feedback and suggestions for next time!

Laura Kile

Don't hesitate to contact me with follow up questions, requests for resources, and to share the great things that are happening in your classes!