The story of Little Richard

By: Isaak kirwood and Emily Mangold

Interesting facts about "Little Richard"

Little Richards real name is Richard Wayne Penniman. He was born on Dec 5th, 1932 in Macon, Georgia. He is 83 years old and living today! He nearly died in a plane accident. His music impacted many rock and roll performers; but he quit music to become a minister,and to help donate to help find a cure to AIDS.

Early Life of Little Richard

He started singing when he was ten. He would sing in church choirs and he started his own gospel singing group called the Tiny Tots Quartet. He traveled in medicine shows and when he was a teen he performed in night clubs.

Time Period

Little Richard was born right after the Great depression and he started to record songs from 1950-around 1975.

Little Richard's Music

His music style was wild piano playing and he screamed nonsensical lyrics. He always had a flashy performance. He would play mostly rock and roll, but his music didn't become popular until 1955. His hit single was "Tutti Frutti" and his music got him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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Some influences that got Little Richard into singing are that he sang in church, toured around with many famous singers like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones , and he could play on the piano and sing.

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