The Revolutionary Michael Jackson

by: Courtney B. Kei P. P/2 King/A


Michael Jackson is a revolutionary figure in music because of his inspirational words that uplift hearts and souls making people want to drop everything and feel the emotion of the song that their hearing, whether the song is calm or has a sad like feeling to the upbeat and stylish style that he is known for. He wanted peace everywhere and for the world to come together. "If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change," he said. He lived by that saying until the day he took his last breath. Michael is our revolutionary leader because of his affect on us people. (Waterlow)

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Man In The Mirror

As a child Micheal grew up on Blues music, but his dad still accepted R&B. No artist today has accomplish the achievements Micheal accomplished as a solo artist. Michael's music is legendary and causes attention in music that might never be felt again. He stood firmly against social and political forces that wanted to destroy his integrity. His voice spoke messages that went far beyond the individual rights. Micheal change the pop world in a way no artist could change it in their whole lifetime.(Wenner)

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Musical Conclusion

Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Micheal's music inspired young people in captive nations to take chances on behalf of freedom and democracy. Micheal was center of attention naturally. He was a strong man, Jackson was ridiculed in public by some of the best businesses. Micheal had good intentions behind all his songs, and his life movement itself. He was very private person, but one thing everyone knew about him was he was ambitious.(shakir)

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The Everlasting Star

Throughout the years Michael has had a(n) big influence on people all around this world of many different personalities and races. He brought them all together with his music, which made everybody who listen immediately catch on and feel what he's saying. He just wanted change because it was too much hatred spreading around the world. He wanted you to start the change within yourself first. "Take a look at yourself and make the.......change." Not only a musical artist but Michael Joseph Jackson is a revolutionary leader. (Wolmuth)

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