THE PLC SUNNY SIDE-UP: Special Edition

A LMS that includes EMAIL, STORAGE & VIDEOS. Guide for Teachers.

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Login Information

Gaggle Homepage

*APP on Tablet

  • Username: GCS Username
  • Password: GCS Password
  • If you information does not work, contact the Help Desk (


  • Username: Student ID (lunch number)
  • Password: Full Student Birthday - no dashes (mmddyyyy)



Gaggle Email provides safe electronic communication for schools and students. The Gaggle mail feature includes access to a translation tool, which translates to and from over 40 different languages, benefitting ESL students and families. Gaggle mail contains pre-populated folders, such as the Inbox, Blocked, Drafts, Sent, Deleted, Spam, and Starred folders.



Blogs provide students with a forum to communicate online in a safe and controlled environment. This allows students to share thoughts and ideas. Most people that use blogs have one for themselves and post their thoughts in an article type format for others to comment. Teachers and administrators can decide who has access to their students’ blogs. This is a great way for digital journaling.


Gaggle Calendars allow users to publish, create, manage, and view information such as events and assignments. Users can create multiple calendars and assign specific users, groups, schools, or an entire district to each calendar created. Calendars will also be populated with any assignment due dates.

Chat Rooms:

Chat Rooms are a filtered online forum where teachers can engage others in discussion and collaboration. Chat rooms are different than blogs due to the fact that a blog is used by one person to share their thoughts and receive comments by those that view it where as a chat room is used by anyone to communicate back and forth. This serves the same purpose as having students participate in a "Discussion" on the tablet in smaller groups.


The Contacts icon displays the email directory, personal contacts and address groups. Users can add any number of address listings for friends and colleagues. Contacts can be created manually, imported, or moved from the email directory.

Digital Locker:

The Digital Locker provides online file storage that can be accessed from home or school. Teachers and students can store, share, and collaborate on files with others directly in their school or district. This serves as an alternative to OneDrive.

Discussion Boards:

The Gaggle Discussion Boards are a filtered online forum where teachers can engage others in discussion. From content discussions and homework centers to special committees and professional development, discussion boards are a great way to promote literacy skills, content vocabulary and higher-level thinking. This serves the same purpose as having the entire class participate in a "Discussion" on the tablet.


GaggleTube offers a filtered version of YouTube. You can find, preview, upload, and play videos for your students since YouTube is now blocked. You may even copy the video link and add it to an Amplify playlist to share with students.

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Megan Putnam

Personalized Learning Coordinator and Tablet Integration Specialist

Southwest Middle and Brown Summit