Kinder News

Roanoke Elementary - December 4, 2015

Celebration of the Arts

Friday, December 4th - 6:00-8:00 PM
Saturday, December 5th - 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Barnes and Noble
1430 Plaza Place
Southlake, Texas

Click here for information about this great family event!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 8th - Crazy Tuesday - Lunch at 11:20

Wednesday, December 9th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Aleman, Allen, DiBenedetto, McLarty

Thursday, December 10th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Lawson

Friday, December 11th - Family Holiday Luncheon with Toy Drive for Children's Hospital

**RSVP Form was due Friday, December 4th**

Tuesday, December 15th - FIELD TRIP to see The Good Dinosaur at Roanoke Cinemark Theater. Information and Field Trip form will come home on Monday.

Click here to read about the movie and watch the trailer.

Kindergarten Service Project

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Roanoke Ranger Community Outreach Service Project

"Little Deeds making a Big Difference"
November 2015 - January 2016

Details were sent home today in your child's Friday Folder Packet before the Thanksgiving Break. Be sure to fill out a cloud and a raindrop form when your family donates a bear for our donation to Denton County Advocacy Center.

Click here for an additional form
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Kinder Tech Tips

STRIDE Academy is a great way to keep students engaged while practicing skills!

How to Get On To STRIDE Academy
  2. Sign in using your school student ID number
  3. Enter KCS97890 as the school code
  4. If it asks for a password then you will need to enter your school student ID number again.
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New Apps

Kindergarten students have been introduced to 2 Apps recently. Shape Shuffle and Big Seed. Both require problem solving, perseverance, and patience. Both apps are free at the iTunes store.
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Six Flags Reading Log

Want your child to earn a free ticket to Six Flags for this summer? Just log your child's reading on the attached reading log and return it by Monday February 22nd. Click below for all the information and the log.

Six Flags Reading Log and Information - English
Six Flags Reading Log and Information - Spanish

A copy of this was sent home in the Friday Folder packet on Friday, November 20th.

Kinder Announcements

Extra Clothes - Please send an extra change of clothes and underwear in your child's backpack - just in case of illness or an accident. Thank you!

Jackets - Please be sure to label your child's jackets and sweatshirts with his or her name so that misplaced items can be identified and hopefully returned quickly.

What Did We Learn At School This Week?

Skills Block

Students practiced naming, writing, and saying the sounds for the letters "K, k" and "Z, z".

Here's what we learned about letters and words . . .
  • We can match letters and sounds at the beginning of a word and when we see a letter at the beginning of a word, we can make its sound.
  • When we know the sound we can find the letter.

New Sight Words: look, said

Poem: Jelly on the Plate
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Your child can practice these letter names and sounds at home using the Alphabet Linking Chart in his/her Purple Take Home Folder. See photo below.

Alphabet Linking Chart

Use the alphabet linking chart (shown below) to help your child practice letter names and sounds. Read the letter names, the word that names the picture, and say the sound at the beginning of that word. Practice all the letters we've learned so far.
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Sight Word Practice Flashcards

Readers Workshop

This week:

  • We learned that making a text-to-self connection is thinking about how the text (story) is like something that happened in our own life.
  • We wrote our opinion about a story and explained the reasons why we felt that way.

Please read to your child every day!

Please listen to your child read his or her Guided Reading Books nightly. Don't forget to fill in the log with the title of each Guided Reading book that is read.

Writers Workshop

This week we worked on using classroom resources to help us in our writing. We used:
  • Classroom Word Wall
  • Alphabet Linking Chart
  • Sentence Starters
  • Name Chart
  • Alphabet displayed on desktop and in classroom
  • Other classroom charts
  • Spaceman or other tools for leaving space between words

Social Studies

We learned that every family has special customs according to their culture, traditions, and religions. We shared how our families celebrate.

We will continue to share family celebrations for the next two weeks. We will talk about how families celebrate, what they do during these celebrations, what they eat, and where they celebrate.

Getting to know each other and our families is a good way to demonstrate respect and to acquire more knowledge about other families' customs.


Module 5

We began Module 5 this week. Students developed the concept of zero by counting objects 1-9 and comparing them to the numeral 0.

Students played games to match quantities to numerals and number names with numbers from 0-10.

Students used the app Doodle Buddy (a free app) with a partner to create their own 0-10 number book.

Please refer to the Module 5 Parent Letter for ideas on how to strengthen and support these new math skills at home. This letter was sent home on Thursday as well.

Module 5 Parent Letter - English
Module 5 Parent Letter - Spanish
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This week we talked about force and motion. There are two types of force, push and pull. Push means that you are behind an object when you make it go forward. Pull means that you are in front of an object when you make it go forward. There are lots of different kinds of motion, back and forth, up and down, zig zag, spin, and roll are just a few. Motion is always caused by a force! We also learned about speed, fast and slow, Fast and slow are not motions.

New READO Cards

New READO cards came home earlier this week. Click below for a copy you can print if you missed it in your child's folder.

READO #2 - English
READO #2 - Spanish

You may have noticed some different spots this time. For example: "Read a book from the Everybody "A" Section." Read the paragraphs below for an explanation:

Each section in the "Everybody" collection is labeled with a letter corresponding to the author's last name. The purpose of placing those on the READO cards was to begin to allow our students to notice how the books are organized/separated in the library.

If you would like to select books outside of our library, then you just need to match the letter on the card to the last name of the author of the books your child selects.

Labels For Education

Please cut out and send in these labels. Weekly classroom winners are announced each Friday morning during Round Up! Funds earned support Roanoke Elementary.

Roanoke Elementary School University - Parent Information Night

Please follow the link below to access helpful information from our presentations at RES-University on Tuesday, September 8th.

RES-U Presentations

Please let your teacher know if you have any questions!