Solar System Exploration

Boyd Williams


William Herschel

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Born in 1738 in The Roman Empire.

Died in 1822 in England.


Mister William Herschel was an Scientist and Astronomer.

Main Discoveries and Date

William Herschel made many discoveries but his main discovery was the planet Uranus. He discovered the planet Uranus in 1798.

He was also known for discovering infrared radiation.

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William Herschel used a telescope that he built that had a 1.26 primary mirror and 12 metre focal length. This piece of equipment helped him find the planet Uranus.

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Contributions to Knowledge

William Herschel's main contributions was to Astronomer and compose music.

POST 1900 - APOLLO 17

Apollo 17 Mission

The Apollo 17 was sent on its mission on the 7th December 1972 and landed on the 19th December 1972.

Mission Objective

The main objective of the mission included geological surveying and sampling of different

materials and surface features of the moon.

They also conducted Biomedical experiments while on the moon as well.

Technologies Used on the Mission

The Scientists used a battery powered Lunar roving vehicle to allow them to collect a larger pay load.
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The main discovery from this mission was gathering 110.4kgs of material from the moon.

Additional Information

Apollo 17 hosted the first Scientist /Astronaut to land on the moon - Mr Harrison Schmitt.