Earth Day

By Maya Edelman and Eynav Ben Harosh

What is the Earth Day?

The Earh Day is an annouat and international event,celebrated on April 22. This event is to sopport the enviromental protection. In 2009 the U.N set that the Earth Day will be April 22.

Why do we need the Earth Day?

  • I think that we need the Earth Day because it helps us live in a better world and better environment.
  • We need the Earth Day to raise awareness for the environment protection.

From the movie...

  • We learned that climate change is already having an impact on our lives and it threatens the existence of the future generations.
  • The air polutton doesn't effects only the birds and it leads to uprooting trees.

Earth Day around the world & Israel...

We found out that in 2009 people around the world turned the lights of for an hour to raise awarness to fight against the climate change.

Eiffel tower, the pyramids in Egypt, skyscrapers in New York also turned the lights off.

Activities that are done in the world to save the planet.

Earth day Los Angeles celebrating is like the Topanga Earth Day.

There environmentally consciousn revelers enjoy both eco-conscious expos live music,performance,all the while breathiry in the crisp Topangan canyon state park air.

Activity we would like to do in Israel

"The Lights Off" activity because this activity is influential and it has an important impact. In addition this littel thing get to the important goal of saving the planet.
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Learning and loveing the Earth Day

we learned about activities that pepole do in the Earth Day. We like to find out how pepole celebrate the Earth Day in the world, and getting some knowlage about Earth Day.